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Meet Andrew Lule

Operations Engineer at Marlt Engineering

It is said when everything has gone, what remains with someone is the education they received in their life time and education becomes complete when the student is able to apply the knowledge they have acquired to better the world. Lule Andrew is one of those young men poised to make an impact on the world using the knowledge he acquired from school. We caught up with him and this is what we asked

Who is Andrew Lule ? 

Andrew holds a Bachelor's degree of Industrial Engineering and Management from Kyambogo University. While at campus together with four other colleagues, we decided to start up a company Marlt engineering(fully registered) that provides solutions to engineering needs of the people. The company as well sells, assembles, installs and commissions modern poultry cages that have numerous advantages.

As an Operations Manager of a Start Up Company,Describe what an Ordinary day is to you ?

Being director in a growing company my daily activities vary depending on what work is available at a time.

1) A normal day when I am on site, as an Operations Engineer, I Prepare a work plan for that particular day or week so that my team refers to it in order to finish clients work in time.,I then work with the operations team to ensure we achieve our targets.

2)The days I am not.at the site, its basically documentation, I prefer reports and analysis of work and effectiveness of my team.

3) The nature of my work especially with the cages, I participate in marketing and so we normally have responses from prospective clients and these in many cases want us to meet them at thier work places or farms for presentation. Therefore for some days especially friday, I visit clients and present to them then some weekends I go to check their farms to take dimensions I need.

What are the main tasks and responsibility as an Operations Manager ? 

1) Preparation of work plan
2) Ensuring the execution of work within the agreed period
3) Ensuring that my team is in the best condition to do work
4) Perform work to the standards of the company
5) Providing technical assistance to clients(teaching on how to use the equipment)

So what particular skills do you bring to your work place ? 

Having studied a Bachelor's degree of Industrial Engineering and Management, I bring to work two basic principles and that is the technical knowledge as an engineer and as well as management. This has helped me handle my team in the best way since I am a hands-on leader.

What personal qualities do you have that help you in your career?

I am honest, God fearing, hard working and a team leader

What are some of the challenges you face in your line of work ? 

The main challange that some people undermine the young people. When we had just started, some clients never believed that we could be the directors of this company and.some actually used to ask us whether we had a person we are working for.

What is cool about your job ? 

I love my job because I have it in mind that if I the company is doing well, I am doing well. This is a motivational factor. I also enjoy traveling and with this work

What is not cool about your job ? 

Haha Of course when a client fails to play their part as expected it feels bad.

How did you get your current job ?

Started it myself and my colleagues

Which key people have influenced your Career Direction? 

Many successful persons that turned around their lives inspired me to try business. Becoming an engineer, it was the influence of a friend to my brother. He was doing engineering and was in his last year at campus then he got an accident that took his life. At the funeral everyone used to talk about him as an engineer that the country lost. I was young but it remained in my head. I also believe all my teachers were so influential right from primary

What subjects did you take in school and how have they influenced your career path ?

Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Entrepreneurship. Of course first of all physics and maths helped me get the engineering degree. At University we only went ahead with these and so they have shaped me into that technical person I wanted to be. Economics is a subject that i personally think is very vital since it gives us the chance to understand the business world which we all live in. I am an Entrepreneur and I believe I am applying the knowledge from this subject

What is your Education to date?

I have Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management

What aspects of your Education System have proven most important for your job?

I honestly think everything in school is useful at work. Even the interactions I used to have in secondary school have helped me to socialize with different people.

What have been the most rewarding events in your career so far?

1. Signing the first contract with the first client
2. Getting great recommendation from clients.

What is your dream job ? 

A manager at a reputable company.

What are the most important personal characteristics required for the job?

Hard work, patience, good leadership and self motivation.

What advise would you give someone considering this job?

Work harder, pray, believe, be patient and be honest. You can get your dream job. But make sure you do the right thing at the right time.

What kind of work experience would provide a good background for this position?

One would need experience in managing teams and organizations, have knowledge required for the job.

What are some trends are you seeing in your Career Field

The world is embracing technology and its very important to adopt to changes in this technology. In engineering we use programs like AUTOCAD and many changes are still coming but all for the better of our career *Also engineers are becoming more innovative, trying to make many things available to reduce the level of importation


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