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How We Involve You

  1. You will view your child's goals, interests, achievements, and experiences
  2. You will track your child's plans and progress
  3. With our tools, you will be in position to provide feedback to your child and his or her teachers and Advisors
  4. You will be able to explore the different career paths and education options that your child can explore

Our Levels of Intervention

How we help you make the right career choice

  • Primary School

    Our Program helps primary schools students develope a self concept leading to role playing in careers. Students start to study with purpose because they can visualize their career paths

  • O Level

    Our program helps students understand how what they learn in class connects with careers in the work place as well as help them identify subjects to choose at A Level (subject combination)

  • A Level

    Our program helps students in A Level choose courses at University and at Tertiary Institutions. Gives them all the necessary information they need to choose a course that is right for them as well gives them insights into the job market and trends in Uganda

  • University

    Our University program connects students to mentors in work places who guide and inspire students to achieve success after University

  • Work Place

    Career Paths always converge in a work place. We share with students trends in the work place and how they can excel in any work place preparing them a head of time for roles that will take on in the future

Desirable Outcomes

Parents involvement in the career guidance process yields long lasting fruits.

Learning about Emerging Career Trends

Our portal keeps the parents informed about the emerging career trends and paths that could be of interest to their children

Learn about new courses at Universities as well as their corresponding career paths plus the necessary financial details so as you can plan a head of time for your child

Start the Conversation Early

The career discusion conversation shouldnt start in candidate classes. It should start as early as possible and with our portal, you will be to understand what your child likes and what it will cost to get them there

Get empowered with information to support your child along their chosen career path

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