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Meet Edmund Walusimbi

Mechanical Engineering Student

Mechanical Engineering is one of those courses at the university that is misunderstood by the prospective student. Many think that it creates mechanics that repair vehicles while others have a very limited perspective of the opportunities that await a successful student. In today's career spotlight, we caught up with Edmund Walusimbi, a 3rd Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Student at Makerere University. This what he shared. 

So Edmund, Tell us about yourself and how your academic journey has been thus far?

I went to J.O.Y Primary School for earlier education then King's College Budo for my secondary education. My vision in life is to inspire someone out and also become a renown social entrepreneur and innovator.

Tell us more about your course ie what it entails in a nutshell. Address any misconceptions that exist about the course?

My course comprises of engineering fundamentals which form the basis of any engineering field and design work. It is one of the broadest courses in engineering which gives one a high stand to further specialize in what they pick interest in upon graduation.

A common misconception people have about it is that it only leads to one becoming a car mechanic ("makanika" ) yet in reality their several fields one can choose to join upon completion of the program.

Why did you choose this course?

Most of the engineers I asked concerning the best  engineering course inline with my dream of pursing aeronautical engineering suggested Mechanical engineering for my undergraduate studies

How is this course relevant to your future plans?

The design principles I learn from this program can enable start-up my own innovations and projects.

Describe your ordinary day at campus?

I usually have lectures in the morning then after lunch, I engage in research, discussions, work or leisure with colleagues.

How do you cope up with the pressure to excel at University? 

I plan my time well to enable me to cope up with the university studies and work.

What subjects did you choose in high school and how have they been relevant in your course?

I chose Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as my principal subjects for Advanced level in high school and these provided me with a good foundation in sciences before taking on the engineering course. Physics and Mathematics were essential for me to be considered for an engineering program.

How are you using the knowledge you have acquired from University?

I have been able to work on projects like a mobile insurance computer application which I presented at the 8th CEDAT open day. I use the skills I have learned within the course like proposal writing and presentation skills.

What plans do you have after campus?

I plan to continue forward with an initiative I started to inspire and motivate students on their academic journey alongside venture into business and pursue a masters in Aeronautical engineering for Masters.

Other than attending lectures, what else do you do with your time while at University?

At the University I serve as the Vice President Education of The Makerere Gavel Club under Toastmasters international to promote public speaking among students. I also do motivational talks within secondary schools under The Secret Initiative to inspire students to achieve academic excellence and government sponsorship on merit.

Edmund WalusimbuEdmund with other Gavel Members at Makerere University

What trends are you seeing in your field of study that aspiring students should be mindful of?

Basing from what I have seen students should endeavor to also pursue certificate courses as they study to improve their competencies and give them a high stand in this competitive world.

What advice would you give someone who dreams of enrolling for your course someday?

I would advise them to read hard and also understand the basic science principles as they study. They can also check out a book I published entitled THE SECRET TO GETTING GOVERNMENT SPONSORSHIP ON MERIT within bookshops to get more tips basing from experience.

Any concluding remarks?

I wish you the best in your life journey and let's keep striving to build the future.

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