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As A Cordinator

The Student Hub needs volunteers to cordinator different activities in the different communities we serve

  • 1
     University Cordinators
  • 2
     High School Cordinators
  • 3
     Adult Education Cordinators

Volunteering with us provides you with the opportunity to develope skills,networks as well as develope long term connections

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As A Mentor

As A Mentor, You play a crucial role as a voice of reason and a guiding light along the student's career path. Join our team will ensure the following

  • 1
     Experience and Insights: Your Insights provide a roadmap for mentees, helping them avoid pitfalls and make informed decisions
  • 2
     Industry Knowledge: Your First Hand Knowledge about industry trends, expectations and emerging opportunities is invaluable for students
  • 3
     Networking: Leveraging our mentor's network to expand your own connections within the industry
  • 4
     Industry Insights: Gaining knowledge about the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in your field.
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