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Leaving No Student Behind

The need to raise up a generation that is inspired to achieve their full potential requires different stakeholders. Here are the ways you can partner with us

Invite us to your school

Our Career Inspiration (CI) Programme allows our corporate partners and other volunteers to offer students the opportunity to learn about a wide range of professions through a personal, interactive experiences

Value for students

  • 1
     Inspire students to think differently about their futures
  • 2
     Introduce students to new professions and industries
  • 3
     Motivate students to reflect on their own interests and aspirations
  • 4
     Support students in making informed decisions about the future

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Open up your workplace

Students need exposure to different workplaces so as they can have an understanding of what transpires in these workplaces. They want to know what a typical day is like at your work place

Here is how you can

  • 1
     Workplace visit. students come over to your work and observe and hear from people in work
  • 2
     Job Shadowing. students engage with people in work and can take on some simple tasks
  • 3
     Work Placement. students come to undertake tasks as part of their work placement

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NCIS Partnerships

We convene the National Career Inspiration Symposium that is geared to inspiring students through Career Exhibitions and Motivational Talks

Here is how you can partner

  • 1
     Sponsor underserved students to attend
  • 2
     Exhibit as a Company
  • 3
     Mentor students who attend the Symposium

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