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Find Your Unique Career Path

Get matched to careers and see what courses previous students studied to get there

How it works?

The Student Hub Career Test can help you evaluate your interests and how they relate to the world of work. The Results of the survey willl give you glimpses of what career to pursue

This test consists of questions about some work activities that some people do in thier jobs

As you answer

Read each question carefully and as you answer the questions, try not to think about the money,just think about if you agree or disagree

There are no right or wrong answers. It is not a test but rather a survey. No need to rush, take your time You are learning about your interests so that you focus on a dream career that will make you satisfied with your life after school

Please answer all the questions in order before you progess to the next page

Question Strongly Disagree Disagree Not Sure Agree Strongly Agree

Would You Like To..

Work hands-on with objects, machines, tools, plants, or animals; Work and play outside; Use your physical or athletic abilities

Would You Like To..

Observe, learn, analyse, evaluate, or solve problems; Question and explore physical, biological, or cultural happenings

Would You Like To..

Express yourself creatively; Use imagination or intuition; Feel free to be inventive without limits

Would You Like To..

Inform, enlighten, help, teach, counsel, or cure people; Use your skills with words to serve people

Would You Like To..

Influence, persuade, lead, or manage; Reach your personal or organisational goals

Would You Like To..

Work with facts, numbers, and details; Follow directions to organise, plan, and complete a project or task

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