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Discover your Unique Career Path

Take this test to evaluate your personality, interests and abilities and discover career paths that match you

How it works?

The Student Hub Career Test can help you evaluate your interests and how they relate to the world of work. The Results of the survey willl give you glimpses of what career to pursue

This test consists of questions about some work activities that some people do in thier jobs

As you answer

Read each question carefully and as you answer the questions, try not to think about the money,just think about if you agree or disagree

There are no right or wrong answers. It is not a test but rather a survey. No need to rush, take your time You are learning about your interests so that you focus on a dream career that will make you satisfied with your life after school

Please answer all the questions in order before you progess to the next page

Question Strongly Disagree Disagree Not Sure Agree Strongly Agree
1 Are you practical
2 Do you love to be Independent
3 Are you ambitious
4 Are you systematic ie you love ordering and planning
5 Can you fix an Electrical Appliance
6 Can you solve Electrical Problems
7 Can you play a Sport
8 Can you operate a tool or a machine
9 Do you like to work outdoors
10 Do you love building things
11 Do you love being physically active
12 Would you love to work on Electrical Equipment
13 Are you inquisitive ie You love asking Questions
14 Are you logical ie capable of thinking and expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner
15 Are you curious ie eager to investigate and learn or learn more
16 Are you observant ie paying close attention especially to details
17 Can you solve a mathematical problem
18 Can you do complex mathematical calculations
19 Can you understand Scientific theories
20 Can you interpret formulas
21 Do you like exploring a variety of ideas
22 Do you like performing lab experiments
23 Do you love being challenged
24 Do you love researching
25 Are you creative ie Are you someone who can generate new ideas
26 Are you imaginative
27 Are you innovative ie doing or producing something that has never been done
28 Are you a person who pursues independent thought or action
29 Can you sketch, paint, draw
30 Can you play a music instrument
31 Can you write stories, compose a song or write a poem
32 Can you develop new ideas or approaches of doing things
33 Do you like to solve problems in original ways
34 Do you like to read fiction, poetry and plays
35 Do you like to use verbal abilities to speak, act, entertain
36 Do you like to express your self creatively
37 Are you very friendly
38 Are you helpful?
39 Are you outgoing
40 Are you understanding
41 Can you teach or train others
42 Can you express your feeling clearly
43 Can you mediate a dispute
44 Can you cooperate well with others
45 Do you like to use social and interpersonal skills
46 Do you like to help people with their problems
47 Do you like to lead a group of students
48 Do you like to teach or train others
49 Are you self confident
50 Are you sociable ie friendly and pleasant
51 Are you persuasive ie do you have the power to induce action or belief in others
52 Are you enthusiastic ie. Do you show great excitement and interest
53 Can you start up projects
54 Can you convince people to do things your way
55 Can you sell things or promote ideas
56 Can you organize activities and events
57 Do you like making decisions that affect others
58 Do you like to give speeches or talks
59 Do you like taking risks
60 Do you like to organize and lead others
61 Are you well organized
62 Are you accurate with details or numbers
63 Are you methodical ie are you characterized with methods and orderliness
64 Are you always right about facts
65 Can you work well with an authority or system
66 Can you write a report
67 Can you keep accurate details
68 Can you gather, organize and report data
69 Do you like to follow defined procedures
70 Do you like to make tables, graphs and charts
71 Do you like to type or do word processing
72 Do you like to classify and organize records

Map out your own career path to your dream Job