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The Relevance (Why the course is being taught)

The MBChB program is a professional undergraduate degree that qualifies students to become medical doctors. It is a rigorous and demanding program that typically spans a duration of five to six years, depending on the country and university. Here’s what you shall find in the MBChB program:

  1. Curriculum: MBChB programs usually have a structured curriculum that covers a wide range of medical subjects, including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, clinical medicine, surgery, and more. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in medical sciences and clinical skills.

  2. Clinical Experience: A significant portion of the program involves clinical rotations and practical training. Students have the opportunity to work in hospitals and healthcare settings, gaining hands-on experience in patient care, diagnosis, and treatment.

  3. Licensing and Certification: After completing the program, graduates are often required to pass licensing exams and fulfill other requirements to become licensed medical practitioners. This process may vary by country.

  4. Specializations: After completing the MBChB program, doctors can choose to specialize in various fields such as surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, etc., by pursuing further education and training.

  5. Medical Ethics and Professionalism: MBChB programs emphasize medical ethics, patient care, and professionalism. Students learn about the ethical principles that guide the medical profession.

  6. Research and Community Engagement: Many programs encourage students to engage in research projects and community service to broaden their perspective and contribute to healthcare improvements.

Source * https://lirauni.ac.ug/bachelor-of-medicine-and-bachelor-of-surgery/

Course Entry Requirements

Those Holding Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Applying for Admission Under Private
Sponsorship Scheme.

Applicant must have:
i) Sat the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examinations (or equivalent) and obtained five relevant credits.

ii) Obtained Principal Passes in Biology and Chemistry and at least a Subsidiary Pass in Physics or Mathematics in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (U.A.C.E) or its equivalent at the same sitting.


Diploma Holders Applying for Admission Under Private Sponsorship Scheme

Applicants must have:
i. A Diploma in a relevant health discipline (Medical Laboratory Science, Radiography, Physiotherapy, anaesthesia, Clinical Medicine, Ophthalmic Clinical Medicine, Environmental Health  Science, Public Health, Public Health Dentistry, Pharmacy Technicians, Psychiatric Clinical Medicine, Orthopaedic Clinical Medicine, Nursing Midwifery and Comprehensive Nursing).

ii. At least one Principal Pass in Either Biology or Chemistry in UACE or its equivalence.

iii. A working experience of at least two (2) years in a related field

Source * https://lirauni.ac.ug/bachelor-of-medicine-and-bachelor-of-surgery/

Subjects for Admission

Essential Subjects (X3) [?]

Relevant Subjects (X2) [?]
Desirable Subjects (X1) [?]
Fees Structure Per Semester
Item Fees
Course Cut off Points
Course Career Paths

Chase your dreams in heels of your course. Know where this course is taking you by checking out the careers associated to it listed below

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Where Graduates Work

Graduates work as medical officers in Hospitals 

Scholarships to study Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

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