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Meet Innocent Twinamatsiko

Bachelor of Medicine Student at Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Growing up many children dream of being doctors. For many of them, it Is clearly fantasy but for those brave enough to burn the midnight oil, they make it  Medical School. In today's Career Inspiration Moment, We feature  Innocent Twinamatsiko, A 3rd Medicine and Surgery Student at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. 

This is what we asked. 

Tell us about yourself and share your academy journey

I had my primary from Kichwamba P/S, my O'level from Kichwamba High School, and A'level from Our Lady of Africa SS Namilyango, currently at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. My vision is to help my fellow citizens to achieve their dream careers. I was guided and so I have seen it prudent to guide others to choose a career based on their ability and talents, not out of curiosity and bandwagon as well as parent's influence

Tell us more about your course ie what it entails in a nutshell 

Medicine and surgery involve gaining both medical and surgical skills to enable one to manage the patients and their health-related conditions. We study anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and then pathology so as to easily differentiate the normal from the abnormal and then take action, we furthermore do pharmacology to discover which drugs treat a given infection The course is not hard as most people say and think, however workload and work to be covered is somehow a lot despite the little time That forces one to do extra reading to acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge within the time available, But the course can be studied and completed, as there is evidence of those who have graduated already and have done the same course

What was your motivation to study Medicine?

I always saw medics clean and smart in their white attire. I saw it important to save lives as people have been dying from illnesses that can be managed but die due to failure to access the trained medical personnel. I was inspired by my elder brother as we were grazing goats and one was pregnant, I palpated its belly and told him, that this goat will deliver tonight, and it happened, then the following day he was like you guys have to be a doctor

How is this course relevant to your future plans?

The course will enable me to upgrade for my master's program in either Cardiology or Neurosurgery

Describe your ordinary day at the campus 

Usually wake up at 6:30 am prepare me and go for the lecture at 8 am up to 10 am then thereafter go forward till 1 pm, between 1 and 2 always have lunch and then 2 to 4 pm have lectures, classes end by 5 pm and then return to my area of residence and refresh myself

How do you cope up with the pressure to excel at University? 

I do my reading concentrating for about 8hours then play soccer to refresh myself and continue reading during the night

What subjects did you choose in high school and how have they been relevant in your course?

I chose Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Biology and Chemistry have helped me a lot in the study of medicine, as they are the basic foundation of the body organs and system, and the biochemical reactions taking place, Mathematics applied in calculating the amount of drug given to the patient

How are you using the knowledge you have acquired from University (Any projects or research)?

Have applied the knowledge by helping at the health centre IV whenever on holiday to assist the available medical staff in service delivery, coz I'm now able to see patients and diagnose and treat them accordingly

Other than attending lectures, what else do you do with your time while at University?

Always do soccer and athletics in my leisure, listen to music esp gospel Hillsong, watch soccer and play games on phone and visit friends as well and jazz, laugh as one way of relieving stress

What plans do you have after campus?

My plan is to first work for about 4years hopefully all goes well and I accumulate money get married, start up a clinic and drug shop of my own and let it be managed by my wife, then when I'm stable I go upgrade for Masters in General Surgery

What advice would you give someone who dreams of enrolling on your course someday?

I encourage them to remain focused despite the challenges they encounter. To utilise their day time to concentrate and read

I encourage them to discuss with friends as a way of reminding themselves of what they read. I also important for them to consult their teachers and fellow students on whatever they failed to understand during the lesson

And above all pray to God for good health, a sense of memory and strength to endure

Your Parting Shots

I'm humbled for the opportunity granted and can't take it for just a sake I pray that all goes well and I get a chance to share my experience with the student's May the good Lord bless us all

For God and My Country


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