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Sunbird AI Fellows Program

Date: Apr 10, 2024

The Sunbird AI Fellows program is a competitive 6 months program where program participants work together with Sunbird AI staff on a specific project of interest to Sunbird AI and within the technical expertise of the fellow.

The program provides an opportunity to the fellow to work on a real world practical AI project that is potentially impactful to the societal context of Sunbird AI. The fellowship can be conducted part-time or full-time, online or physically at the Sunbird AI offices depending on the nature of the project. This fellowship also suits PhD students where there is alignment in research goals.

Fellowships are largely unpaid but reasonable expenses may be reimbursed depending on the nature of the project. Each fellow will be assigned a sponsor/scientific advisor in Sunbird AI who will be primarily responsible for ensuring the project is executed in a timely manner.


Before applying ensure you have some understanding of the projects Sunbird AI is undertaking and how you can align your specific interests with any of the projects. To apply please submit the following documents:

  1. Letter of motivation: Briefly describe why you think Sunbird AI is the right place for you to fellowship and what experience or skills you have can contribute to the mission of Sunbird AI.
  2. Project plan: Fellowships last usually 6 months, so outline a project you have previously talked about with someone in Sunbird AI. How does this project align to the goal of societal impact? Outline a plan of execution for the period of the fellowship.
  3. Any other supporting documentation: This could include a link to your GitHub repo, papers you have authored that are relevant to the project or a recommendation letter. These are optional.

We accept applications throughout the year.

Apply Here >>>


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