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Apply to the NSSF Hi-Innovator Business Academy (30,000 USDs in Funding)

Source * Hi Innovator

What is the hi-innovator pre-accelerator?

The pre-accelerator is an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and those who want to better prepare for our accelerator opportunities to leverage flexible self-directed actionable learning to upskill themselves and get their businesses ready. All those that would like to join our accelerator are required to participate in this pre-accelerator.

How does it benefit me?

1. Receive guidance and hands-on support from a business entrepreneurship support organisation in our network nearest to your location
2. Acquire hands-on practical industry guidance on how to develop the building elements of your business
3. Receive a certificate of participation that demonstrates your mastery of entrepreneurship education from a recognised University
4. Improve your chances of joining our accelerator funding to receive personalised support, funding and network linkages to grow your business

Apply Here >>>

Date: Aug 4, 2022

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