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IT infrastructure engineer

IT infrastructure engineers are specialists who are usually in charge of the hardware aspects of a business network. They are responsible for evaluating and maintaining server performance.

IT infrastructure engineer

IT infrastructure engineers are typically employed as members of the IT department, and their job is to help make sure that there is connectivity within the local area network, as well as to verify that an internet connection is functional throughout the entire company at all times.

The responsibilities of IT infrastructure engineers extend to the physical equipment as well. They are responsible for updating the hardware that is used to maintain the network and servers. They are also tasked with troubleshooting any network and connectivity issues that may arise, and providing solutions as quickly as possible for any errors that occur. IT security and information flow through the network also fall under their jurisdiction.

Skills and qualifications

A bachelor's degree in engineering, information technology, or computer science is a requirement for the field, and most employers will not hire a candidate without the right academic qualifications. Even more important than academics is the hands-on knowledge and experience, especially for roles that carry more responsibility. An infrastructure engineer must be able to configure a network from scratch, which requires specific knowledge of basic applications and hardware components of computer networks. 

Professional certification is often a benchmark for employment, but many companies will allow five years or more of experience in lieu of the certification.

Infrastructure engineers work in a business environment and are required to maintain professional etiquette and have excellent oral and written communications skills, especially since their work can entail communicating technical information to non-technical staff. Teamwork skills are also an asset in this line of work.

Excellent analytical and problem solving skills are vital to the profession. Other than dealing with issues related to a company's IT infrastructure – internet connection, routing, servers -- engineers may also be responsible for ensuring that phone lines are functional at all times and tackling any problems if and when they arise.

IT infrastructure engineers must also be practical and be able to work within budget, as they are usually the ones who make recommendations to managers and play a key role in determining the company's budget for all systems and components related to IT infrastructure. Needless to say, professionals employed in this field must stay up to date with all the latest technologies.


The day to day activities of infrastructure engineers vary according to the industry and company they work for. They will work with managers to ensure budgetary expenses are established and upgrade equipment as necessary. If a network or server develops an error, it is their responsibility to diagnose the problem and fix it in a timely manner. IT infrastructure engineers are in charge of handling the maintenance of not only the interoffice network communications, but also are responsible for maintaining the internet connection for external exchanges, so they play a very important role in any business.

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