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Application engineer

Application engineers are people who work with computers to design and improve specialty equipment and enhance software programs. They work with various departments within companies such as customer service, sales and manufacturing, to ensure that client specifications are met.

Application engineer

Application engineers are problem solvers who not only provide assistance to the sales department and answer questions about the technical functionality from the client, but they are also asked to provide technical support for products from customer service departments. They are responsible for presenting information and new ideas to be implemented into new and existing products, while also explaining industry specific jargon to the client.

Skills and qualifications 

For most jobs, the education requirements to become an application engineer include a minimum of a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology or engineering. 

Application engineers must remain up to date on their software field, and always be informed and aware of latest industry practices and developments in science and technology.

The ability to work as part of a team while maintaining independent thinking is a must in this field. Being highly results driven and a self starter in addition to excellent communication skills are key attributes any employer looks for. Application engineers must also be good at thinking outside the box and have an aptitude for innovation.

An application engineer should have good business skills and be able to understand the commercial value and use of a product in order to better assist the client in determining his or her business needs and to be able to work out the details of a product and tailor it to address the client's needs.

Excellent writing skills are a must, as application engineers are often responsible for writing white papers and communicating product details and application to the public.


The day to day routine of an application engineer is dependent on the field they find themselves working in. While working as part of a team, application engineers may be asked provide and confirm specifications of the changes made to a product for a client. They are typically responsible for orchestrating both simple and complex tasks with limited supervision. Additionally, the work and daily responsibilities of an application engineer can depend on his or her ability to produce results from existing limited solutions and to maintain a professional attitude.

Application engineers often participate in information gathering meetings with clients to determine the clients' needs, business goals, and desired outcomes. If they are employed in the industrial field, application engineers may find themselves working with heavy machinery and specialized equipment, and planning, designing, implementing, and testing improvements. If they work in the computer field, they may use their knowledge of programming to produce the necessary outcome for a client, as well as assist in providing instructions that help the client better understand the nature and applications of a specific product.

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